The True Story of Kent Chou Pocketing RM56780 a Month Playing Sky3888

If you are living in Malaysia and play casino and live gambling to win prizes then you would be awear with the story of Kent Chou because many live casino and other online gambling websites are promoting his story because recently is has won about RM56780 in just one month by playing famous mobile casino games through mobile application Sky3888.

The banners and his pictures are everywhere and now he is also selling his tricks, tips and techniques to win RM5670 a month by playing Sky3888. If you have not yet hear and read the story of Kent Chou yet, then congratulations you have landed to the right page because today i am sharing the true story of Kent Chou who made more than RM56780 in a month through Sky3888.

Many gamblers who gamble day and night usually ignore the small things which can help them to win more prizes. Malaysia Sky3888 is one of them. It may be looks like a small mobile application which contain 50+ different types of casino, gambling, cards, slot and other games but guess what? It can help you to win more money than gambling through other Smartphone applications because it offers you more option to gamble at one place. And this application Sky3888 is free to download and install.

After Register, Download, Login and Top Up Sky3888, Here’s What Kent Did:

According to Kent Chou, he tried many mobile application for both Android and iPhone but did not able to make good earning and win prizes. According to his latest interview he said, he has lost many money in other casino games because you have to pay money before playing but it was happy to download Sky3888 from which is not just a free application to download and install but you can also play its games for free as many as time you want. Kent Chou said, offering free demo and trial is what makes him perfect to invest real money. He said, he start from gambling very small amounts when he play Sky3888 in Malaysia and then increased when he has noticed his winning.

Kent Chou said it was not easy for him to find Sky3888 in start but when he found a reliable website to download Sky3888, he did not realized that how much money he is going to win.

Kent Chou also suggest to the people who are already playing Sky3888 on web that they should install Sky3888 on their mobile set because its mobile application is much flexible and provide you more options and games to play where having Sky3888 on your mobile means that you can play and gamble anytime and anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet.

Sky3888 mobile application for Android and iPhone users are available on official website to download for free. There is no charges to download and install Sky3888 while you will only pay money to the company when you actually gamble in the game.

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